The State of PPC


Read the surprising results from our first-of-its-kind State of PPC survey. And learn what you can do to stay ahead of the curve.

Over 500 PPC specialists and their managers shared how they feel about their work, the ad platforms, priorities, pricing, technology, and more.

This information has never been compiled, analyzed, or published as such before now. It's 60 pages of insider information. And it's yours within one click, we won’t even ask for a (fake) email address.

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What’s Inside

Survey methodology
and demographics

Geographic breakdown, Company type, Type of agency and more

Ad platform
adoption and spend

Ad platform adoption, Monthly spend by company type and more

PPC specialists’

priorities and technology

Short-term priorities, Adoption of Google Ads automations and more


Roles and responsibilities, Common agency frustrations, Biggest challenges and more

PPC in-house teams

In-house vs agency salaries, Roles and responsibilities, Advertiser frustrations and more

What the experts had to say

"This is a really cool and useful report that I would recommend to all agency and in-house team leaders."

Daniel Gilbert

Global CEO @ Brainlabs
"This report is comprehensive in its scope. It is both strategic and tactical in nature, making it a must-read by any PPCer!"

Kirk Williams

Owner @ ZATO and author of "Ponderings of a PPC Professional"
"We often get lost in the day-to-day and fail to recognize meaningful trends or the progress we’ve made as an industry. This report does just that and should be read by every PPCer."

Patrick Gilbert

COO @ AdVenture Media and author of "Join or Die"
"Every page is brimming with data – but more importantly, that data is contextualized, distilled into key takeaways, and informed by expert opinion. An outstanding resource on an array of important PPC topics."

Mike Ryan

Head of Ecommerce Insights @ Smarter Ecommerce

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